December 3, 2019

New database: PsycTESTS

Door: Anja Habraken | Categorie: collection management, databases

logo2 PsycTESTS

The Tilburg university Library is happy to report that we now have a subscription to a database indispensable to many disciplines including psychology, education, business, nursing, and many others: PsycTESTS.

About PsycTESTS

  • Focuses primarily on unpublished tests, those developed by researchers but not made commercially available.
  • Most records link to a variety of materials describing the test in peer-reviewed literature, technical reports, or dissertations as well as links to related peer-reviewed literature describing test development, review, or use.
  • All records include a summary that describes the test, with its purpose and some history of its development. Most records include the actual test instrument.


The following are just some examples of the types of measures, scales, inventories, questionnaires, and tests included:

  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Educational measures
  • Intelligence tests
  • Developmental measures
  • Scales for beliefs, relationships, or expectancies
  • Personality assessment
  • Aggression, coping, or functional status questionnaires
  • Occupational measures
  • Resilience, anger response, or substance abuse inventories

To get an impression of the database click on the image below:


Where to find PsycTESTS

You can find the link to the database from the main library home page under the ‘All Databases A to Z’ list. Click on the letter ‘P’ and scroll down to the link for PsycTESTS.

Please send your questions or comments about PsycTests to subject librarian Anja Habraken,


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