October 29, 2019

Get an ORCID and enjoy the benefits!

Door: Frank Diepmaat | Categorie: research information

What is an ORCID?


ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier and is a unique digital personal identifier. An ORCID is an individual ID and thus not connected to an organization. That means an ORCID stays with you throughout your academic career. You are in full control of your personal ORCID-page. Creating an ORCID is easy and free of charge. The organization behind ORCID is an open, research-driven non-profit association.


What are the benefits?


Having an ORCID can save you a lot of time when applying for funding or submitting your manuscripts to an online publication platform. With an ORCID you don’t have to worry about the different ways in which your name is spelled in different journals. During paper submission, your affiliation name is automatically added and if your co-authors have an ORCID their affiliations are also automatically added.

How to create a new ORCID and connect it to Pure

If you still do not have an ORCID you can create one from within Pure. By doing this, you can choose to export your publications from Pure to the Orcid website on a daily basis. For instructions how to create your ORCID and connect it to your Pure user, click here.

How to connect an existing ORCID to Pure

Do you already have an ORCID? Make sure to connect it to your personal profile in Pure; the ORCID is then automatically displayed on your academic profile page. For instructions how to connect your ORCID to your Pure user, click here.


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