July 18, 2019

Tips for working from home (or the beach)

Door: Richard Broekman | Categorie: databases

Do you need access to library resources while away from campus? We have a few tips on making this easy, no matter where you are.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Most library resources are available from anywhere in the world. So if you regularly work from home, or if you happen to be on the road to attend a conference, you always have access to our resources. You can even work during your summer vacation if you really want to. We will not judge you.

A couple of tips on how to make your experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

Install the Library Access browser extension

This will help you in several ways: it will alert you to the existence of library subscribed digital content such as e-books, e-journal articles, and online databases and services, and it will direct you to Open Access versions of articles when available.

Install and run Tilburg University’s VPN connection

With VPN you can access the same content that is available to you on campus. Note that you only have to install the software once, but you need to run and log in to VPN each time before starting your browser.

Look for and connect to library databases using our A-Z list of databases

Bookmark the page for easy access. When you connect via our A-Z list, all databases that support the ‘EZproxy’ access method will allow you to get access via Single Sign-On login. This means you do not need VPN. This option is especially useful when you use someone else’s device or when you cannot install VPN. The A-Z list also contains important news regarding maintenance and availability of databases.

Use online storage for files

Found an interesting pdf but don’t want to store it on your phone because you need space for your vacation pictures? Upload the pdf to SURFdrive (employees only) or Google Drive to store it online. You can download it to your own computer later. Of course you can also use your personal cloud storage account if you have one of those.

Need print publications? Prepare for a future library visit

Unfortunately, if you need any of our paper books, you still need to visit the physical library. You can, however, place a hold on books or add them to your personal list in WorldCat Discovery, so you can easily look for the books once you are on campus again.

If you need any help with remotely accessing our library services, our Library Support staff is available all summer.

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