May 14, 2019

EZproxy and Library Access – one year later

Door: Richard Broekman | Categorie: databases

In 2018 we introduced two new services: EZproxy, as an alternative to VPN for off-campus access, and the Library Access browser extension that will help you find content Tilburg University subscribes too, both on and off campus. (See last year’s blog post for more information.)

Both services were introduced with minimal communication, yet both have been picked up by students and staff. This post presents a brief overview of current usage and plans for the future.


EZproxy is a product that provides access to library subscribed databases while you are off campus, without VPN. Currently, 96 databases require the use of VPN for off campus access. Of these, 77 also support EZproxy. For those databases we see an almost 50:50 ratio of access via EZproxy vs VPN. This is also true for access to our online journals and e-books, where the ratio is also 50:50.

In total, 10% of databases provided by the library are only accessible on campus or using VPN. Although we aim  to decrease this percentage even further, there will always be some databases that are only accessible on campus or by VPN.

Library Access extension

The Library Access extension is useful both on and off campus. On campus it will point out alternative copies of online journal articles, both subscribed content and open access. Off campus it will also help you access our subscription databases, without the use of VPN. This access is done using EZproxy and therefore it works for the same set of databases mentioned earlier. If you visit one of the other databases without VPN, Library Access will show a pop-up to let you know you need to run VPN.

Over the past years, Library Access has redirected people to subscription databases over 46.000 times. It also improved Google Scholar searches over 14.000 times. And it did all this for over 700 active users.






We are convinced the Library Access extension is a very useful for all staff and students who regularly look for books, articles, or information in general. By improving our communication about the extension we hope to increase the number of active users so it can help even more of our staff and students.

Your feedback

Have you tried the Library Access extension? We would like to hear about your experience and get your feedback, no matter whether positive or negative. If you would like to share your feedback about the extension, please send me an email. Your feedback on EZproxy is also appreciated.

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