March 25, 2019

Significant increase in use of new Tilburg University research portal

Door: Frank Diepmaat | Categorie: research information

The new research portal of Tilburg University ( has been available since 15 October last year. The main reasons for replacing the former research portal were obtaining academic profile pages with a better look-and-feel and gaining insight into the (inter)national network of our researchers and the underlying bibliometric data of their publications.

To acquire knowledge about the usage of our research portal during the first four months, we have analyzed statistics derived from Google analytics.

When comparing the user sessions in the period from 15 October 2018 until 16 February 2019 to the user sessions in the same period a year before, we see that the consultation of our research portal has increased by more than 38% (84.959 sessions against 61.491 sessions):

Use of portal october-february

More than 80% of our visitors come from Europe, of which most part originate from the Netherlands, followed by Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium en Italy. Remarkable is that about 6% of our visitors originate from the USA, a country that is also well represented in the international network of our researchers.

Use of portal by country

Most visitors consult our research portal from the desktop (86%), followed by a mobile device (10%) and a tablet (4%). Chrome is the most used browser for visiting the research portal (almost 55%), followed by Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Edge:

Use of portal by browser

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