January 10, 2014

Outcome of the meeting ‘Best Practices In Research Data Management’

Door: Petra Ploeg | Categorie: data management plan, research data

On November 19, 2013, the meeting “Best Practices In Research Data Management” was held in the Faculty Club.

databijeenkomst 19nov13 034

Ron Dekker

Ron Dekker

Main conclusions of the meeting:

  1. The importance of Open Access and Open Data is growing. Look for example at the Horizon 2020 Programme and the position of research funders in the Netherlands and abroad.
  2. Tilburg University will benefit from a comprehensive data policy. The data policy needs to regulate the main legal aspects and considerations for dealing with research data. It is important to be flexible when data policies are converted into practice, and also that not a long list of requirements is imposed.
  3. Now is the moment to establish a data policy and to deal with the main issues surrounding research data management.

Conclusion LIS: It is important that the principles and content of a data policy for Tilburg University is supported by faculties. It is therefore important that faculties are involved in the preparation of a general data policy. It would be worthwhile investigating whether a central board can be set up to start preparations for a general data policy for the university and to monitor its implementation.

Together with the faculties, department of Strategy and Policy and department of Legal Affairs, LIS Research Support works on an inventory of the main focuses for a data policy within Tilburg University.

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